We’re out and about in the Norwegian outdoors all year round and in all kinds of weather. And after too many perfect moments ruined by base wear that got sweaty, wet and cold, and failing to find anything better, we decided to do something about it – so we just made it ourselves. Fortunately, we had an old sewing machine in the closet. We watched a few YouTube sewing courses and a few nights later the first Zipbody and Ziplongs were more than a dream. Zipwear was born! At last, we had some functional clothing that let us enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

The following weekend we tried it out in the backcountry. Our friends got interested and wanted to get their hands on this new creation too. Once friends were enjoying the new freedom of Zipwear, it was clear that others would too, and something had to be done! We simply had to start our own company. Since then Zipwear has helped thousands of people to enjoy the outdoor to the fullest. That is pretty awesome…!


Northern Playground - Enjoying the view with dry underwear
Have you ever tried to watch a view in completely dry basewear? You should!


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