Why own 5 t-shirts when you can wear 1 for everything?
Good for you, good for your wallet and good for the planet.

Wool smells less than other materials because of its natural ability to absorb large amounts of condensation, keeping your skin fresh, dry and bacteria-free. Doing laundry takes a toll on all garments, and by choosing materials that don't need to be washed often, you can keep your clothes longer.

When developing products, our main goal is to create clothes that last. Using one t-shirt for everything naturally means that it will wear out faster than if you have five to switch between. That is why we offer one free repair and repair and maintenance tips through Use More +.


Wool and silk is an extremely comfortable material, but also very practical. The first time you feel the material you most likely won't want to take it off. Wool has the ability to transport sweat away from the body, making it perfect for all temperatures and activities. The wool we use is also very fine, and rare for wool products. Wear it on a jog in summer or winter and go straight to a coffee date without problems.

We don't create garments with trendy colors or huge logos. Instead, we design garments that last and that fit any situation. Timeless design is an essential part of having a permanent collection. In other words, you will never hear us tell you to update out the t-shirt you bought last year (or ten years ago...).

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