08.03.2021A picky, old bachelor?

Every once in a while I, founder and CEO of Northern Playground, send out letters giving you an honest peak behind the scenes of the company. We believe that openness is an essential part of being a responsible contributor to society. This is the eighth letter. Read my previous letters here.

Last fall we decided to hire three new employees. As the leader, it was my responsibility to carry out the recruitment process. Six months have passed, and I still haven't signed a contract with a single person. It kind of feels like I've failed at my job. Or have I?

Let me point out a huge paradox in the work life.
A fantastic company or organization cannot become fantastic without the people who work there. A good plan is worthless if the team isn't right. If you one day become a leader, one of your tasks will be to hire a team. The paradox is that most likely, no one will tell you how to recruit that team. It's just supposed to happen. In other words, the most important job you're supposed to do comes without instructions.

It's really strange. And it's really too bad. I have to admit that I think it's pretty hard. And because I have hired a few people over the last years, I know how bad it can be when you get it wrong and how amazing it is when you get it right. I have to get it right!

But will I find anyone then? Is this just a reflection of a picky, old bachelor that can never make up his mind?

This winter I've seen everything there is to see of TED talks and read whatever I can on the topic. This clearly hasn't helped. I'm still wracking my brain for answers to the same questions.

One thing is certain. This company is going to be big and we are going to hire a lot of people. That means that I have to get a black belt in recruiting ASAP. Or maybe we'll just hire someone to do the hiring?

Too many questions!

I can admit that we are now talking to a few exceptionally talented people these days. Soon there will be more of us around the campfire.

Maybe my patience has paid off?


P.S. We're still searching for a store manager.



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