Behind the scenes #13 | Meet Kristoffer

Hi, I'm Kristoffer 👋

In April, I was hired as Northern Playground's new creative lead. I thought that this job would challenge me in my communication and photography skills. Little did I know that I would also be challenged to take a look into my own wardrobe.

I know that I'm not alone in owning too many clothes. I have so many different rain jackets, hiking pants and fleeces that I feel bad about choosing one item of clothing over the other.

"Poor, green jacket", I often think when I go for the black one instead. I bought the green jacket because I pictured myself hanging off some crazy rock wall, hundreds of feet in the air. When I bought the black jacket, I pictured the exact same thing, except for that I also pictured myself blending in with pouring rain in Oslo. The problem is that I have multiple garments for every situation that might occur, when I probably could've had one that worked for most situations. With multiple jackets I have a new dilemma every day in choosing which jacket is the "lucky one" today.

As you can tell, I am a victim to efficient and targeted communication from some of the world's biggest brands, telling me that I need a new jacket for every activity. But I have made a decision: I will buy fewer clothes and use the ones I already have until they no longer can be repaired.

At Northern Playground, my job is to tell stories that engage and please the eye and the heart. A big part of this is new products and technical details, but I am even more excited to show that a smaller wardrobe is not a restriction, but a freedom.

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