Behind the scenes #16

My name is Frida 👋

You might bump into me sometime in the future, either physically at our shop in Oslo, or digitally on the answering end of your questions to customer service.

I am one of the newer members of the Northern Playground family, and will be in charge of our concept store and customer service online. That's something I'm really proud of, partially because I get to be part of a small team with huge ambitions, and partially because the customers I get to meet here are really nice. I have worked with customer service in one way or another almost all of my adult life, and most people who have done the same will probably agree with me when I say that it can be pretty challenging.

When my first day of work was about to roll around, I was naturally a bit worried about meeting the type of customers that I was previously used to – daily insults over the phone, upset customers and days spent alone in the store. Instead, with every day comes new customers with stories about their adventures and that the products we sell have taken part in.

For example, right now one of you is biking around Europe in a grandpa longsleeve I sold when I was a newbie in August, and another is keeping warm on a photography job on an Arctic island. A third is mountain trekking in Switzerland and a fourth needed a t-shirt for their walk from Oslo to Trondheim last summer. When you walk that far you definitely can't pack much!

Our goal at Northern Playground is to inspire you to make smarter choices, and here I am being inspired myself. It is a nice and different work life that looks nothing like any of my previous customer service projects. If you meet me in the store one day you will most likely meet a happy, dancing Frida that hopes that you too will share your story with me over a cup of coffee. If you're unlucky you might meet one of my colleagues from the office that has their shift of the week instead, but in that case I assume that you'll be back another time 😉

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