06.02.2021Behind the scenes #9

Every once in a while founder and CEO of Northern Playground, Jo, sends out letters giving you an honest peak behind the scenes of the company. We believe that openness is an essential part of being a responsible contributor to society. This is the ninth letter, this time from CFO Marita. Read our previous letters here.

Jo isn't the only one who has something to say. I'm Marita, CFO at Northern Playground. I've been a part of the company since August 2019. Here is a short Christmas behind the scenes from me.

Christmas music. Who would've guessed that Christmas music is what would start an argument between Jo and I.

It's December 14th, and my day to man the store. Christmas music is obviously blasting on the stereo. In the middle of "I'm driving home for Christmas", Jo walks in the door. "Christmas music? We don't listen to Christmas music here". Hi yourself, I think to myself. "We can all agree that we are supposed to be a rebellious brand", Jo continues. "And if we're a rebellious brand, we can't be playing popular Christmas songs".

What starts off as a silly discussion about something stupid ends up deeper than it initially seemed; We are building a brand – Northern Playground. Northern Playground has its own personality, just like you and me. And the "person" Northern Playground would never listen to pop Christmas music. If we are going to be build a good brand that you like, we have to stay true to ourself. We can probably agree that the people we like the best are 100% themselves?

In the end I just have to give in and admit that Jo is right. And yes, we argue sometimes and we are both stubborn in our own ways, but that makes for good discussions and pushes the company in the right direction.

P.S. When Jo left for Christmas break on December 22nd, Anine and I danced to a Christmas classic in the shop – in true, rebellious NP spirit 😉

Regards from,

Marita, CFO

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