Our goal is to help you use your clothes for a long time and collectively reduce consumption. To spread this message, we could have invested everything in Facebook and Google ads, but we are more interested in reaching out through people we know, admire, and cheer for. We call them our Co-Players. This is an introduction to Co-Player Ida Frisch.

Foto: Alex Lyngaas

Ida is the latest addition to our bouquet of Co-Players. Perhaps you've seen her exploring self-sufficient living on NRK. Or maybe you've seen her name on the bookshelf, in one of her two published books, "Kjære Grønland" and "Klør". Perhaps you've seen her among D2's Leaders Stars, or maybe this is the first time you're hearing about her. Whatever you know about Ida Frisch, one thing is clear: she's a wildcard who refuses to be pigeonholed. We've been inspired by Ida's unique approach to life, and we hope that her story also inspires you to pursue your own dreams and challenge the status quo.

In an email dated September 6, 2023, Ida greets us from Tryvann where she's camping in her camper van. Ida divides her time evenly between the boat and the car, spending half of her time in a compact camper van and the other half as crew aboard the sailing ship Christian Radich. She describes the unconventional lifestyle as both frustrating and fantastic—frustrating due to the lack of space to move freely indoors, fantastic because the car gives her the freedom to create her own space wherever she is.

"There is little physical space, but then maybe you can practice the mental space you're in and find peace and room in it."

Foto: Alex Lyngaas

Ida also shares her thoughts on living outside the comfort zone and how it has shaped her self-perception. With the unconventional lifestyle, there's little room for unnecessary belongings, and only the essentials accompany her at sea and in the camper van. The dress code is more about "practical" than "ornament," and she has set aside concerns about appearance, embracing her own authenticity.

"When I lived in a collective last year, I became very focused on how I looked. I made sure that all outfits were perfect and constantly tried to look a bit edgy and cool – I'm not sure which Ida that was... My boyfriend usually wears a lot of the same clothes, and I think he's the world's most beautiful even though I rarely see him in anything new... and I feel that growing in me too, I get a sense of being enough just as I am. Same even if I look a bit bold."

Travel has always been part of Ida's DNA, and she has never hesitated to explore new opportunities. She sees life as a continuous experiment and takes risks without hesitation. From traveling to distant lands to living on a boat or in a car, Ida is always looking for new experiences that enrich her perspective on the world. She reminds us that life is a series of new chapters, each filled with valuable experiences, whether good or bad. Through her unique journey and ability to embrace change, she hopes to give her future self something to smile about.

"I often live as if 80-year-old me will be able to chuckle a bit when she looks back on her younger years."

Foto: Alex Lyngaas

As a Co-Player, Ida Frisch will continue to inspire and motivate others to live life to the fullest, without limitations, and with a smile on their faces. We look forward to following all the exciting things she has planned for the future!

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