Our goal is to help you use your clothes for a long time and together reduce consumption. To spread this message, we could have focused entirely on Facebook and Google ads, but we are more interested in reaching out through people we know, admire, and cheer for. We call them our Co-Players. This is an introduction to Co-Player Rasmus Brøgger.

“I was going to buy a dishwasher but came home with two pigs instead, much to my partner's frustration.”

Rasmus Brøgger, an adventurous Danish-Norwegian photographer, is known for his many stories and his unique perspective on life. He grew up with his mother, and already at the age of six, he asked her if they could move to Hemsedal so that he could snowboard. His mother said no, but when Rasmus started middle school, he moved to Hemsedal and finally fulfilled his dream of snowboarding as much as he wanted. He eventually became a skilled snowboarder, but another passion grew stronger in him—namely, film and photography.

He established himself early as a freelance photographer, both in still images and live action, and has made a living from it since. Rasmus loves to photograph events in board sports and weddings, and maybe he is the right wedding photographer for you?

Now, Rasmus faces new challenges and opportunities with his newly purchased house and his Airbnb project in Pantin, a small town almost as far northwest as you can get in Spain. Here, he has surfable waves right outside his house. The story behind this choice started before COVID-19 when he and a friend decided to drive from Lofoten to Morocco to surf. After driving partway through Europe, they had engine problems and ended up in Pantin. They stayed there for six months due to the pandemic, and it was here that Rasmus met his current girlfriend, a charming French woman. Now, they both live in the house in Spain and focus on renting out a home where people feel at home when they are away.

“I am true to what I love, but at the same time open to changes.”

He values freedom highly, which the house in Spain gives him. He can travel and work as he wishes. He is also keen on reducing screen time and enjoying life in the moment, something he learned a lot about during an extended stay in Madagascar. In addition, he focuses on being self-sufficient. He grows much of the food he eats himself. "I have great faith in myself and what I can achieve," he says. In an attempt to be self-sufficient, he bought two pigs before a dishwasher, to his girlfriend's frustration. We now hope they have acquired a dishwasher in addition to the pigs.

“Hold Fast, go slow is my motto.”

So far, Rasmus enjoys every day in his “new” life in Spain. Since he always goes all in on his projects, it will be exciting to follow his journey further. The adventurer, Rasmus Brøgger has created an inspiring life with a good dose of creativity and sustainability. He is an inspiration for many who want to live a more passionate life.

As a Co-Player, Rasmus will continue to inspire and motivate others to live life to the fullest, all in, and with a natural curiosity about life. We look forward to following all the exciting things he will come up with in the future!



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