Our goal is to help you use your clothes for a long time and collectively reduce consumption. To spread this message, we could have invested everything in Facebook and Google ads, but we are more interested in reaching out through people we know, admire, and cheer for. We call them our Co-Players. This is an introduction to Co-Player Une Cecilie Oksvold.

Northern Playground was born because we love to challenge. When we got to know Une Cecilie Oksvold, we quickly saw that we shared this passion. Une is a black belt in challenging herself both mentally and physically, something we admire and stand behind. The pieces fell into place, and she became an obvious addition to our team of Co-Players.

Many see Une as a true outdoors girl. It hasn't always been like that. Une was born without skis on her feet or a map and compass in her hands. For her, a hike meant heavy backpacks, tired legs, and being at the back of the line. A fateful visit to the doctor changed everything with a somewhat unusual prescription: Time in the forest.

Since childhood, Une has experienced depression and anxiety. Following the doctor's recommendation, 24-year-old Une slowly but surely ventured into the nearby woods. She started cautiously, just 50 meters from the tram stop. It was enough for the anxiety to be replaced with freedom and presence.

"Sometimes, the thought of something can be worse than actually doing it."

Today, with hundreds of hikes behind her, Une still refers to herself as an "outdoor rookie." She admits to her challenges, from a fear of darkness to the discomfort that creeps in when she is alone in the tent. The willingness to confront the unknown fuels the sense of mastery and reinforces the belief that personal growth occurs when we face our fears.

"Many have negative associations with being new or inexperienced in something, but what I find great about it is that it provides so many opportunities to challenge oneself, grow, and experience new things."

Une continues on her own personal journey with exploration and challenge as her driving force. Her goal is clear: to inspire more people to challenge themselves, fail, learn, and ultimately - master. Now, she wants to inspire others to get out and feel the same sense of mastery and all the natural benefits that come with it—regardless of the level of experience.

"You can engage in outdoor activities even if you're not Lars or Cecilie."

You don't need to climb 2000-meter peaks to say you've been on a hike or experience the joy of nature. She suggests starting with small goals – a half-hour walk to the neighborhood park with the phone turned off. Or an overnight stay in a hammock on the balcony, just as Une did to practice feeling comfortable sleeping outdoors. That's all it takes to reap the benefits of nature.

«Lower the expectations, and it becomes easier to experience mastery!»

Together with Une, we want to encourage you to challenge yourself, whether it's crossing the Hardangervidda alone or taking your bike out to the nearby area for the first time. As Une has experienced, embracing what scares you can provide an invaluable sense of mastery. Moreover, we know that the more people experience the joy and love of nature, the more motivated they will be to take care of it. Win-win 🤝

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