Community x Environmental tax

Up until 2020, we used our environmental tax to plant trees and compensate for our emissions. In 2021, we realised that this was too far from our vision of reducing consumption. Therefore, we decided to use the tax for something more aligned with our values: Saving clothes.

We already offer lifetime service on all our own garments. The environmental tax is therefore spent on repairing garments from other brands. That way, we can make sure that you are able to use all the clothes in your closet for as long as possible – not just ours. We have currently hosted three "repair weeks", offering free repairs. To be completely honest, they haven't gone as well as we had hoped. Unfortunately (and surprisingly), few people took the opportunity to have their garments repaired free of charge. Now we have a large chunk of the funds left and are wondering what we should do with it moving forward. It is definitely important that it is used for effective measures. In 2021 we set aside around 18500 Euro and spent around 3900 Euro. About 15400 Euro is available for future measures.

Now we want to hear from you. What can we do to help you and others repair more? Do you have other ideas for how we can save clothes? Maybe there is someone you think we should partner with, or r maybe you think the tax should be used for something completely different. There are no bad ideas! Let us know what you think in the discussion area below – we can't wait to develop our environmental tax with you 🙌



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