This website uses cookies.

Amongst other reasons, we use cookies to recognise you as a user in the form of an anonymous ID number. This identification is done to analyse the traffic on our website and to achieve more percise and relevant marketing in the form of targeting ads.

For marketing reasons, we share information about how you use our website with our partners in social media and advertising, letting them combine this information with other information you have made available for them, or that they have gathered through your use of their services. Read more about what information we gather and what we ask your consent for in our privacy policy.

Cookies are small text tiles that are used by websites to keep track of different data about the users that visit the website. The files are saved in your browser on your computer or mobile phone, and you can easily visit the settings in your browser to reject or delete them.

In addition to saving choices you have made on a website (language, products in cart, etc.), cookies are also used to save ID numbers. This means that your data is saved in other databases, with a referance to this ID number. That way, we can analyse how different users use our website without needing to identify them by name or with other personal data.

In the Norwegian I Personal Information Act and GDPR, anonymous ID numbers are defined as personal data, and we must therefore have a legal reason to gather, save and process this data.

If the reason for process is "legitimate interest/weighing of interest", you will experience that we allow different tools to save cookies in your browser regardless of you making a decision or not. You can still delete or block these cookies by visiting the settings in your browser.

If the reason for process is "consent", we use the choice you made in the banner that appeared when you first visited our website, and we don't consider your consent as given until you have made an active choice.

If you have previously made a choice, you will not see the banner again as long as the cookie that remembers this choice is active.

Read our privacy policy to learn more about who we are, how you can reach us and how we process your personal data.

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