Design philosophy

The idea behind our design philosophy is the simple fact that environmentally friendly materials do not exist. All textiles and all clothing production has serious negative effects on our environment. Our goal as a company must therefore revolve around developing clothing that is used often and for a long time. Two main principles define our design philosophy:

1. Duration: Timeless design in fantastic quality. You must be able to look good for many years without buying clothes often.
2. Multi functionality: Smart design and endless areas of use. You must be able to use our products for all occasions and adventures.

More specifically, this means that we follow a set of rules when developing products:

Looks and functionality

  • We don't care about trends. Instead, we search for what you will like in 2, 10 and 100 years. Our goal is to design classics. Every. Time.
  • That means a relatively "clean" design; No huge, vulgar logos or illustrations. Clean and timeless colors.
  • We are uncompromising when it comes to what we think looks good. Instead of pretending like our inspiration comes from "snowflakes slowly melting in the spring sun" (or similar pretentious bullshit), we are in principle strict and patient, until we are 100% sure that we have developed a classic.
  • You have to look good in NP. That means that functional clothing also will be worn for many different occasions.
  • Functionality is key. We don't develop idiotic clothing where we put fashion before functionality. (We will never make a jacket that is so short that you show your belly button when you lift your arms – no matter what the fashion agenda says!)
  • We will always be honest. Our clothes don't pretend like they're something they're not.
  • We are playful, and hope to fit an element of this in every design. Ideally, you smile every time you discover a new detail.
  • "Boy" and "girl" colors are bullshit. We will always avoid them.
  • We will never launch something new just to launch something new. We launch products because they deserve it and will deserve it forever.


  • Quality and quality assurance are very important. This also means easy repair and recycle opportunities.
  • Holistic quality is also essential. Quality means more than just duration. Quality is also health aspects, how often the product needs to be washed, if it is easily repaired, how many chemicals seep out into nature in production, and much more. We are aware of and care about all of these aspects.
  • We develop clothing without thinking about the end price. The product must be as good as it possibly can be, without compromising anything.

Value chains

  • Maximize the societal benefit. We will always be looking for possibilities in our society where we can make a difference, like we have done with our Oslo productions.
  • No shortcuts when it comes to sustainability. We care. Period. (But let us not pretend that we're perfect. There is still a lot we can get better at.)
  • The same goes for labour conditions. Employees in our value chain make more than just living wage. It is a requirement that they have good lives with good work conditions and a salary that covers more than just what they need to get by. (We won't support stereotypical labour conditions in Asian textile industries.)
  • We are also completely open about who we make our clothes with. As of September 2020, that is Utenos, Comfy socks, Laget, Quo Vadis og Kulmis.
  • We develop our concepts with our Community.

We are also proud of having won a handful of design awards. That includes the DogA award, Scandinavian Outdoor Award og German Design Award.

But let's be honest: Winning awards is pretty easy. Most awards are created by an industry to praise the exact same industry. Changing the industry is much more challenging, and it will take a long time before anyone wins an award for that.

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