Environmental tax

Most companies probably wished they paid less taxes.
We want to pay more.

«Huh??», you're thinking. Let us explain. We think that it is a shame that the government doesn't do more to get companies to take responsibility for their CO2 emissions. That's why we pay a self-imposed environmental tax. We have paid this tax since the beginning of Northern Playground, and will keep paying it until there is a mandatory tax in place.

How does it work?
Each time you or someone else makes a purchase in our online store, we set aside 15 NOK for environmental initiatives. This sum is the approximate amount it costs to win back the CO2 from the production of one cart. Previously, this tax has gone to the Norwegian Development fund and their tree planting project in Africa, and in the past six years we have planted tens of thousands of trees with them and our customers.

Throughout the years the company has changed, and today our vision is to reduce the world's clothing consumption. To tie our environmental tax closer to this vision, the tax will from January 2021 be going to saving clothes. Last fall we launched lifetime service on our own garments, and now we will also be making sure that you use the clothes you own from other brands as long as possible. In other words, the environmental tax will now go to repairing clothes you have from other brands, free of charge.

Planer og budsjett
I 2020 var den totale miljøskatten på 92.000 kr. I 2021 forventer vi ca. det dobbelte, og satser på minst to reparasjonsprosjekter i løpet av året. I løpet av året vil vi også lage et nøyaktig regnskap som viser hvor mye miljøskatt vi tar inn, hvordan denne blir brukt og hvor mange plagg vi redder. Dette vil være åpent for deg og resten av verden, og revisorgodkjent hvert år.

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