Environmental tax

Most companies probably wished they paid less taxes.
We want to pay more.

We know what you're thinking: «Um... what?» Let us explain. It's a shame that the government doesn't require more from companies regarding their emissions. We have therefore sent a letter to each new government proposing an environmental tax on clothing. Read our latest letter here. While waiting for action, we have been paying a self imposed environmental tax for the last eight years.

Each time someone orders from us, we set aside 15 NOK for environmental initiatives. This is the approximate amount it costs to win back emissions from production of one average order. Previously, this tax has gone to the Norwegian Development fund's tree planting project. Over the last eight years we have planted tens of thousands of trees with them and our customers.

We have gone through some changes over the last few years, and today our vision is to reduce the world's clothing consumption. To tie our environmental tax closer to this vision, the tax will from January 2021 be used to save clothes. In 2020, we launched a repair service for our own garments, and will now also be ensuring that you use clothes from other brands as long as possible. In other words, the environmental tax will now go to repairing clothes you own from other brands, free of charge.

I 2021, the total environmental tax came out to about 19,000 Euro. In 2022, we plan to create an exact account that shows how much environmental tax we collect, how it is used and how many garments we save. This will be public for you and the rest of the world, and audited every year.

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