What size should I choose?
A size guide can be found at the bottom of each product page. Use this to help find your correct size. In general, we advise choosing the same size you would normally wear. Remember that most of our garments are made with wool, and may shrink slightly the first time they are washed. If you are in between two sizes, we therefore advise sizing down.

Where are the products made?
Most of our products are made in Lithuania. We also have production other places in Europe, including Oslo. See where each product is made under Production at the bottom of the product page. You can also see a full list of all our suppliers here.

When will sold out products be back in stock?
If we have placed an order to refill sold out products, the expected delivery date can be found on the product page after you choose your preferred fit, color and size. If there is no expected delivery date, it is because we have not yet placed a refill order, and are uncertain if or when the product will come back.

My gift card isn't working – what do I do?
Get in touch at post@support.northernplayground.no.

What is the delivery status on my preordered product?
Expected delivery of preordered products will be stated in the order confirmation you received after you placed your order. If we become aware of delays in delivery, we will send you a separate email with the new information. We always keep you up to date with the information we have received from the manufacturer.

My package is lost in the mail/has been returned to you – what do I do?
Get in touch at post@support.northernplayground.no if you suspect that your order has gone missing in the mail. The same goes for if you don't manage to pick up your parcel before the cut off date.

Can you tailor my product?
We would love to create garments that fit every single person perfectly, but we aren't quite there yet capacity-wise. Support your local tailor instead!

How do I exchange/return a product?
Click here to register an exchange/return.

When I try to register an exchange/return, I get the message that you can't find my order – what do I do?
Make sure that you are using the correct order number. You can find your order number in the order confirmation you received after you placed your order. The order number is solely made up of numbers, and does not start with ONG. Also make sure that you are using the same email address as the one you received your order confirmation on. If you're still having problems, get in touch at post@support.northernplayground.no.

Can I exchange a product in your store that was bought online?
Yes, please! We love having visitors 😊

Have you received my return?
Usually it takes about 14 days from you send your package, until we receive it. If longer time has passed and you still haven't heard from us, get in touch at post@support.northernplayground.no.

How do I remove stains from my garment?
Check out our stain removal guide here.

Do you offer repairs?
We will help you with repairs and care until your garment is completely worn out. Click here to read more about our repair service.

How do I repair my garment?
The best solution for everyone is if you repair your garment yourself. We can send you everything you need to do so, including thread in the correct color. Just get in touch at repairs@support.northernplayground.no. You can also see our repair tutorials here.

If you would like us to repair your garment for you, send us an email at the address above with a picture of the damage and a description of what happened, and we'll take it from there.

Can we collaborate?
Maybe! Send an application to post@support.northernplayground.no with some information about yourself, why you think we're a good match, and any ideas you have, and we'll take it from there.

Can you partake in a lecture/interview/school project/panel/debate?
We would love to say yes to all requests like this, but we are are a small team with big dreams, and have more than enough to do trying to reach our goals. Nevertheless, we still take part in what we can when it feels right, so send us an email at support@support.northernplayground.no, and we'll see what we can do.

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