Removing fat and food stains

To remove grease and food stains, you need products that dissolve grease. The best option we have found for our wool and silk products is actually wool detergent. Apply it to the stain and let it work for about 10 minutes before washing the garment on a wool cycle as usual.

Another good alternative is dishwashing liquid, such as Zalo. Apply the detergent to the stain, turn the garment inside out, and hold it under the tap. The water should hit the stain directly so that it flushes from the inside out – the idea is for the stain to come out the same way it came in. Then wash on a wool cycle in the machine. Remember to rinse out all the dishwashing liquid before washing it in the machine to avoid excessive foaming.

A third alternative is to use lemon soap from På Stell, or their stain removal foam. Note! Our wool and silk products are organic and GOTS certified, which means they undergo a more gentle dyeing process than most other products. Therefore, our products may release some color the first few times they are washed. If the garment is new or has only been washed a few times, be cautious when using stain removers like lemon soap. If you treat an area locally when all the color has not yet released from the garment, there is a risk of creating lighter spots where the stain remover has been used.

Using wool detergent from På Stell

Most stains are usually dissolved in hot water, but there are exceptions. Carbohydrates like starch or proteins such as egg, milk, and blood dissolve in cold water. For this type of stains, you should avoid hot water as it can cause the stains to set into the fabric.

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