We have long contemplated this desire and have come to the conclusion that; yes, we want to create this product, but we will make sure it is not just another cotton T-shirt on the market. Therefore, we are now launching The Banana T-shirt – a T-shirt made from by-products of banana cultivation in India. The material consists of 60% banana agri-waste and 40% organic cotton. Both are durable natural materials, sewn together into a loose and flexible fit with good sleeve length and a slightly narrower neckline (compared to our wool and silk t-shirts).

Banana fibers have many similarities with cotton fibers:

  • They are soft
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic

But banana fibers differ from cotton in cultivation:

  • No impact on the climate
  • Uses 60% more of each plant for production
  • Requires little water
  • No fertilizer needed
  • No chemicals needed for growth
  • No chemicals in the production process

Innovation is often associated with technology that elevates electronics and digital solutions to new heights. The production of this t-shirt is innovation that is not only impressive but also contributes to driving the textile industry in a better direction. The t-shirt is made of 60% banana agri-waste and 40% organic cotton. "Agri-waste" refers to residual products from banana cultivation (specifically, the leaves of the tree) that are traditionally burned after the bananas are harvested. PYRATEX® has found a way to convert these fibers into textile fibers instead, thereby saving the planet from CO2 emissions.

PYRATEX® was born in 2014, with the mission to replace synthetic textiles with new natural and recycled alternatives. It was initiated with an R&D path by collaborating with various European textile institutes with the idea of developing biobased fabrics, bringing performance and well-being to the wearer. After 4 years of R&D to develop the first PYRATEX® fabrics and set up a European supply chain for the production of these materials they initiated their first collaborations with brands.

10-YEAR-OLD vs. 100-YEAR-OLD
In September this year, Northern Playground celebrates 10 years. We want to celebrate ourselves in the best possible way; go after a 100-year-old who has ruined too much for generations to come. Yes, we'll raise our glasses, but we'll also throw stones. We'll laugh and enjoy ourselves, but we'll also be angry! Because we want to reach 20, 50, and 100 years, and therefore we will look forward and find solutions that lead us in the right direction.

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