Hike & Fly Norway 2022

The summer of 2022, our buddies Espen Fadnes and Amber Forte started on what might be one of the coolest adventures we've heard of. For about five weeks they went hiking and flying (in wingsuits, of course) approx. 260 km from Sunndal to Voss – in the same outift.

Pictured above and below is the exact same amount of gear. In other words, they are travelling extremely light with everything they need for their trip on their backs. You can't fly with lots of baggage, so they have an extremely minimalistic setup.⁠ See their entire packing list at the bottom of the page.

With this trip, Amber and Espen are proving that it is possible (and easy!) to buy less and play more – especially when one chooses versatile, high quality garments. And if you're wondering about the smell, we'll let Amber speak for herself: “... I travel with one t-shirt, one long-sleeve, one leggings, two bras, two undies, two socks, a buff, a headband and a beanie, all from Northern Playground. So far, I don’t think that I smell bad and I am extremely comfortable and warm. This t-shirt is actually the best t-shirt I have ever worn.”⁠

Follow their adventure on Instagram @espenfadnes and @amberforte_


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