We continuously develop garments so that you find it cool to own one instead of five. Below, you'll find an introduction to the products we have progressed the most with for the 2024 launch.

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Whether you're exploring the city streets, feeling the sand between your toes, or dancing through the night, you only need one pair of shorts. The Shorts are designed for durability, made from cotton fabric produced in Italy, and stitched together in Romania.

Note! The women's shorts are not completely ready for sale yet. We are working on and making the adjustments needed to launch the women's model. Here you can register your interest and be notified when The Shorts for women are available for purchase.

If there's one pair of pants you should be able to wear for all occasions in your everyday life, it's this one. With chinos, you can feel equally casual and well-dressed, ready for anything from client meetings to the climbing wall.

Simple, classic, and lightweight anorak. Suitable for cross-country skiing, as a windbreaker during hikes, or as a jacket in the city. Made of lightweight Ventile cotton that provides wind protection and is resistant to light rain. Ample space for extra layers underneath and a spacious hood to shield against the strongest gusts of wind.

The Banana T-shirt has a slightly different fit compared to our wool & silk garments. It features a looser fit and longer sleeves. The material is robust, providing a different drape and appearance than our wool & silk pieces. But perhaps most importantly, it is made from waste generated during banana production that would otherwise have been burned. A classic t-shirt suitable for use at the cabin and at seminars.



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