Made in Ukraine

Previously, all our wool and silk products have been made at our main manufacturers factory in Lithuania. As of March 2022 we have moved parts of our production, and some of you will now receive t-shirts made in their branch in Ukraine.

When war in Ukraine broke out, keeping production operative, and ensuring the livelihood of Ukrainian employees became extremely important. Located in west Ukraine, this branch has not been directly affected by the war, and the employees wish to work as long as this is safe and possible. Everyone involved agreed that moving production was a good idea and a big help – even with risk of production being altered by the war being present.

For now we have produced 400 green and grey t-shirts for men and women in Ukraine. They are sent to our warehouse as all other products and will be sent out to customers that order these colors at random.

Helping to build up the factory has been very meaningful, and we are looking forward to continuing this partnership in times of peace.

Slava Ukraini,
Utenos Mrija, Utenos Trikotazas & Northern Playground

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