Why only available here?

Most Northern Playground products are available in stores all over the world, but certain products are only sold here with us. Why? Because it contributes to:

Production of envronmentally friendly products of high quality, with low prices.

A very important part of the company is that the clothes are made in Europe, that we use environmentally friendly materials and that high quality is consistant throughout the entire production line. This comes with a cost. The challenge is making money when production costs are so high. At the same time, when we sell a product through a retailer we end up with less than if we would have sold the product ourselves. All together, this means that we either need to have higher prices, or find a smarter solution.

That's why certain products are exclusively sold here. It gives us the oppourtunity to keep making our products with the values and quality that are important to us, without having to raise our prices.

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