You probably know the feeling of finding a shirt that you just never want to take off. A shirt that feels more like a hug than a piece of fabric. A shirt that becomes your go-to in both sweltering heat and freezing cold. A shirt that makes you feel really, really good. Our colleague, Pardis, definitely knows the feeling. It all started with a challenge, with a side-effect leaning towards obsession. Obsession for the tank top she calls her second skin.

Our founder had a similar experience. Throughout the course of a year, he wore one of our tank tops in wool and silk 200 times without washing it. The goal was to prove that you can easily wear wool tons of times without drawing the attention of a swarm of flies.⁠

Pardis wanted to take it a step further. Why not wear the tank top 200 days in a row? Not only does that put wool's self-cleansing abilities to the test, it also challenges the misconception that you need different clothes for different situations.⁠

Over 100 days later Pardis is still going strong. The tank top has been worn at the office, on the train, at concerts, at the gym, to parties, while snowboarding and on the climbing wall. And as her co-worker, she honestly smells fine.⁠


Pardis has busted myths about washing garments after every wear, and boicotted norms about never wearing the same thing twice. Not to mention, she has discovered that the tank top just might be the most underestimated garment ever.

She may only be halfway, but we've seen a change. No longer does she wear the tank top every day because of the challenge. She does it because she wants to. Because why own five, fifteen or fifty when you can wear one for everything?⁠


P.S. Pardis and her boyfriend are still together, so we assume that the tank top has passed the smell test 😉

P.P.S. We'll give you an update when 200 days have passed.


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