You are probably familiar with the feeling of finding a garment that you never want to take off. A garment that feels more like a hug than a piece of fabric. A garment that is equally suitable in scorching sun on a sailboat as it is when the temperature drops. A garment that boosts confidence. Northern Playground's Marketing Manager, Pardis, certainly knows this feeling. In fall of 2022, she discovered her "second skin" - a wool and silk tank top.

Previously, our founder Jo has challenged conventions by wearing a wool singlet 200 times without washing it. He proved that wool can be worn excessively without accumulating odors or scaring away potential suitors. But Pardis wanted to take it even further. She decided to wear her tank top 200 days in a row.

On September 20, 2022, Pardis started her experiment. It was obviously easy in warmer weather, but even during the cold winter, the tank proved invaluable as an extra layer of warmth. It worked just as well at the office as it did at concerts, on trains, and on hikes.

Pardis wore her tank top for a total of 232 days, day in and day out. She shattered myths about frequent washing and varied outfits, and discovered that tank tops just might be the most underrated garment of all time. And while 232 days may be more than we can expect from most people, it shows us the possibilities we have to reduce consumption and live with less.

P.S. The tank top has passed smell tests both at home and at the office, and will soon be displayed in our store at Youngstorget for those brave enough to take a sniff 😉



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