Many of our products are made with organic wool. That means that we don't treat the wool with chemicals that the industry usually puts in wool garments, like Superwash and other treatments that "strengthen" the wool. The downside of avoiding these chemicals and using natural materials (that will always vary from batch to batch) is that some garments can stat to pill quicker or more than others.

Pilling is a completely natural process that happens when the fine fibers in merino wool work their way towards the surface of the garment, but we understand that this can be frustrating for some. Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to try and remove the pilling, like using a fabric shaver or razor. Lay the product flat on an even surface and carefully shave the garment until the pills disappear.

Even though pilling can be frustrating, we are certain that we should think holisticly when developing products. In other words, think of every element in the supply chain and what impact the products and our choices have on people's health and the environment.

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