Product plan 2022

We don't do seasonal collections. The entire foundation of our design philosophy is based on our goal of reducing consumption. So instead, we fill empty spaces in our permanent collection with new products when we see the need. That way you can build a small wardrobe with versatile garments that last a long time.

Check out our tentative product plan for the next few months below, and keep this in mind while reading and giving feedback. If you have any thoughts about our plan or ideas for other products that deserve a space in our collection, share them in the discussion area below.


The Zipshorts™ is finally right around the corner, now in a new and improved version. Previously this product came in polyester (there are still some available here), but plastic materials don't necessarily go hand in hand with what we do. That is why it will soon be available in wool fleece. It will be sold with a separate locally produced padding (the same type as in the longs padded)

Estimated delivery: End of October
Quality: 95% merino wool, 5% elastane
Details: Zippers in sides, zipper pocket in back for locally produced padding, double layer, reinforcements in thighs and crotch
Colors: Black with rust and grey zipper for men and green and grey zipper for women


The Løkka Beanie is sold out and because of different reasons we have concluded our collaboration with the manufacturer. All of a sudden we had a hole to fill – a thick, soft and warm knit beanie is something that lots of people ask us about. We have now found a Portuguese manufacturer that produces beanies like this in 100% recycled wool from old wool garments, and we can't wait to give these old clothes new life on your head.

P.S. We would really love to keep up our local production (we still have some in Tøyen), but at the same time are reliant on professional partners that have scalable processes. We also think that giving old garments new lives as beanies really hits the target when it comes to our values. What do you think about this dilemma?

Estimated delivery: Mid-November
Quality: 100% recycled wool
Details: Rib stitch, single fold, label made out of recycled leather
Colors: Denim blue and dark grey – both colors are melange

You might have already heard about the wool fleece jacket and pants. Sometime during the next couple of months we will finally be receiving the first batch of these products. We can't wait to launch this collaboration between us and our Community to the rest of the world! In addition to the jacket and pants there will also be a thick, soft neck warmer.

P.S. We know that many of you have strong opinions about hoodies. This jacket will be without, but stay tuned in the future. You might see something similar with a hood at some point... 😉

Estimated delivery: End of November
Quality: 95% merino wool, 5% elastane
Details: Hidden zipper pockets, high neck, reinforcements in vulnerable areas, thumb holes, fly on men's model
Colors: Charcoal and dark red/burgundy

We have been working on finding the perfect wool sock for years. One that can be worn on a hike and at work, that isn't too hot or too cold, that stays up without putting too much pressure around the leg... We're getting very close, and this winter we will launch the same sock from two different producers that we want you to test! Stay tuned later this fall to take part in testing.

P.S. Testing will only be available for our Community members. If you want to test these socks and have the chance to take part in similar activities in the future, sign up for our Community here.

Estimated delivery: Mid-November
Quality: Merino wool blend
Details: Reinforced heel and toe, text on bottom to differentiate between producers, three sizes
Colors: Black

The Last strives to meet the ambition of being the last outerwear you ever need to buy. It's a huge ambition, and to get as close as possible the garments need to be tested by many people and over a long period of time. Shortly we will start further development of The Last, and you can already order the jacket here and the pants here.

In stock: End of November/beginning of December
Quality: 100% Ventile cotton
Updates: 3 cm shorter jacket, no full length side zippers, no waist adjusters
Colors: Green and grey


We have yet to receive an estimated delivery from the manufacturer, but within the next few months we expect to have an updated version of the Jack Shirt in stock. This biggest part of this update is different models for men and women. In addition there will be a new finish at the bottom, adjusted pockets and two new colors.

Estimated delivery: Sometime between December-February
Quality: 95% wool, 5% cashmere
Details: New bottom finish, adjusted pockets that are more slanted, female model has shorter arms and is wider over hips
Colors: Forest green and stone grey – both colors are melange


Sorry boys, this one is for the ladies. After lots of feedback from you guys, we have realised that our panties aren't as good as they should be. Soon we will be introducing a mix between the pantie and the boxer, which many call a hipster. And that's all thanks to our Community!

Estimated delivery: Ca. January 19th
Quality: 72% merino wool, 28% silk
Details: Hidden elastic band, reinforced crotch, comfortable waistline, subtle logo, no inward lable
Colors: Black

This year our Community has voted on new colors for Turtlenecks and Grandpa longsleeves. Right after new years these will finally be in stock,in addition to a new color in our Hoodie.

Estimated delivery: Ca. January 19th
Quality: 72% merino wool, 28% silk
Details: New colors decided by our Community
Colors: Fjord green, dark red, mustard



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