Throughout Northern Playground's existence, we have changed visions and found our path. Our voice, although, is the same as it was in the beginning. With Fredrik and Ludvig from the company Iterate we are now finding our identity. We have worked together for a couple of weeks now, and found a direction we believe in. Of course, we are also very curious about what you have to say before finishing the project.

Our vision is not to produce as many clothes as possible, but instead to reduce the world's clothing consumption. That means that you shouldn't think of us as just a clothing brand.

We want to change the existing pressure. To do that we need to raise our voice.

We also want our identity to radiate energy and knowledge, and it's OK if some people feel challenged by it.

With that said: Take a look at the measures below. Notice your immediate feelings and associations and share your thoughts in the comment field at the bottom of the page!

Current hypothesis

NP – The sympathetic rebel

A rebel is a catalyst for deep change. A rebel challenges the status quo and is often an outsider searching for freedom. A rebel is an opponent to or in conflict with the norm, because there is something about it it cannot accept. People both fear and admire a rebel.

We see ourselves as a sympathetic rebel, and have therefore landed on our new logo being a rock. The rock is the tool of the rebel, and, like our clothes, lasts a long, long time.

Visual identity

This is a good representation of how the identity looks with all its elements. Here you can see the logo (the rock), font and color in different outlets.

Let us be heard

We need an identity that has space for all of our opinions. We need to be able to say important things so loudly that everyone can hear and in a way that no one else dares.

Example of a newspaper ad

Here you can see how we might use the logo, how the typography and products can work together, and how the green color looks on top of photos.

The clothes

Even though the visual identity is going through a radical change, the clothes will stay more or less the same. That way, the details don't get tiresome over time. For example, the yellow color will not be implemented in the clothing, but we may change some of the texts and logos.


Here is a draft of how the tags on our products may look in our new idtentity and with the message we want people to understand; that our clothes are the last clothes you need to buy.

More distinct emails

We want to be even clearer in the message and looks of our emails. Here is a taste of what they may look like.

Join the discussion

What are you thinking after seeing all of this? What do you associate the identity with? Most important; Do you feel like we have found ourselves?

Our last hypothesis

Our last hypothesis was that yellow was our color. A place for us to be more visible and daring than the rest. With your help, we understood that this wasn't the place for us.


As a next step of this project, we will be exploring how our packaging may change. Here is a temporary version in yellow. We want to reduce our footprint, keep the functionality and make it more unique.



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