We have been looking forward to this. Because a good, comfortable, durable, and versatile pair of shorts is something we've envisioned for a long time. While we've been daydreaming and longing, we've simultaneously developed The Shorts into what it is now. And you know what? The dream has come true. Not only that; the best part is that it passed the scrutiny of the pickiest person when it comes to shorts, namely "The Shorts Man", aka Odd!

What does Odd do, you wonder? Well, he wears shorts. Almost all year round. From April to November, you won't see Odd in regular pants, and the reason is quite simple: shorts are better in most respects for Odd. They breathe better (obviously, right?), fit into virtually all situations, can be worn at work (yes, it's true that he has written permission in his contract), perfect for gardening, biking, and commuting. He actually uses the same shorts in the mountains (with a thermos and chocolate in his backpack) and for dinner at a restaurant (with aged wine and oysters on the plate).

We think Odd has figured it out. And we think Odd is a role model for many of us. Because you don't really need that many different pairs of shorts, right? Okay, fine, maybe you need a loose and light pair of shorts for training and another pair of shorts for swimming – but do you need 3 to 20 different shorts for everything else you do? The answer is no, plain and simple.

We are proud to have passed his test and are now launching The Shorts for the first time. Here are some highlights we and our community have thought about and which have resulted in what The Shorts are today:

The Shorts are made of a thick and sturdy, yet soft and comfortable Italian cotton quality, with a construction that makes it extra durable. The shorts have two open pockets in the front and two in the back. Additionally, there is a hidden zippered pocket on the side with space for your smartphone, placed conveniently to maintain a minimalist and sleek appearance. The shorts have a hidden drawstring inside for easy waist adjustment.

The Shorts are a versatile companion for all your adventures in warmer weather. Equally suitable and comfortable for a morning walk in the woods, picnic lunch in the park, outdoor workout in the sun, or a summer evening in good company. Like everything else we produce, the shorts are designed to be used for all possible activities and to withstand heavy use. The design is not based on a passing trend or "this season's" color. The colors, seams, material, and cut are chosen based on use over a long time.

The shorts are reinforced in areas particularly exposed to wear, such as the crotch and pocket openings, as well as seams. The pockets also have a strong cotton lining to prevent holes and wear from sharp keys or other knick-knacks. Even though the pockets are reinforced with strong material, we still do not recommend carrying keys without protection directly in the pockets. Keys have sharp edges and no matter how strong the reinforcement is, it will eventually wear out.

Tip: Use a small key holder, so not only these shorts but all your other pants will last much longer.

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