Summer adventures in wool 🐑

Green Grandpa longsleeve on Norway's independence day, on hot days in Andalucía and on a boat on the Norwegian coast

Black Jack Shirt and red and white striped t-shirt on a SUP and at breakfast at the cabin.

Green t-shirt on a hike up to Mørkgonga – a classic!

Blue t-shirt and Løkka beanie on Besseggen.

Green t-shirt during a "time-in". "To keep the heart open. In a world where things go so fast."

Rust red and blue and white striped t-shirts out on the town!

Black t-shirt in the Dolomites.

Red and white striped t-shirt on a wine and cheese night.

Striped tees being worn by the repairer and getting repaired.

Green Crew longsleeve and quality time with Aiko ❤️

Coffee grinding in a custom black Grandpa longsleeve. Hot tip if you get a hole in the sleeve of yours!

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