Are you one of those weirdos who thinks wool is only for winter? It’s time to wake up. You are hereby challenged to try something new. The best thing about thin wool garments is that they can be used for everything, all year round. Life gets a bit easier with just a few super garments in your wardrobe. Not convinced? Now, let’s get into some nerdy arguments on why wool is summer's perfect companion:

  1. Insulating and temperature regulating: Wool has natural insulating properties that keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm. This makes wool clothes comfortable to wear in changing temperatures. Wool does not conduct heat as quickly as many other materials, which helps keep the body cool in hot weather.
  2. Self-Cleaning: Wool has natural antibacterial properties that prevent odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause bad smells. This means wool garments can be worn over and over again without washing, and just need to be “air-washed” to feel as good as new. In other words, it’s hassle-free to pack just one t-shirt, one tank top, and one long-sleeve for a vacation (as long as they are made of wool!!).
  3. Absorption Ability: Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. This helps keep the skin dry by wicking sweat away from the body.
  4. Airflow: Wool fibers allow air to circulate freely, providing good ventilation and helping to regulate body temperature.
  5. Natural Breathability: This material allows the skin to breathe, which is important for comfort in warm weather.
  6. Natural UV Protection: Wool provides a certain degree of protection against UV rays, which can help protect the skin from harmful sun exposure.

Summer is "wool-and-silk season"
Our wool & silk garments are made from merino wool with 17.5 microns. That’s a measure of how thick each wool fiber is. 17.5 is very, very thin. Remember the long johns that itched back in the day? They probably had a micron count of 27.5. 17.5 is magically soft against the skin. And yes, there’s also the silk. Silk is, of course, fantastic in the heat and almost as incredible as wool.

Source: Tekstilaksjonen



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