Your sweat doesn't smell

Believe it or not, your sweat doesn't smell. At least, not when it first comes out of your skin. Even though we have all had our partners plug their noses after coming home from a workout, it isn't the sweat itself stinking up the room.

The bad smell we associate with sweat occurs when the sweat stays on your skin long enough for bacteria to start breaking it down. Many people use deodorant to avoid this, but did you know that you can also use wool?

One of wool's fantastic traits is its ability to absorb large amounts of water – twice as much as cotton and three times as much as polyester. This keeps your skin dryer and as a result keeps sweat, bacteria and odors at bay. After wearing, just air your garment out instead of washing it. That way you can use it longer and more often and thus own less. Great for you clothes, great for your wallet and great for our planet.


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