Our terms and conditions

Dear customer,

Below you will find formal information about our terms and conditions. If you have any questions, you will probably find the answers here. Long story short:

1. If you unsatisfied with anything, we will personally help you sort things out. Your happiness is more important to us than following our own rules. If you ever need anyting, just send us an email: support@northernplayground.no.

2. If your product gets damaged we would love to help you out – even if you have used it long and hard. Read more here.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions that were valid at the time of purchase are valid for the purchase, even if there are changes to the conditions after the time of purchase. The terms and conditions are interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law and are regulated accordingly.


Goods purchased from Northern Playground follow the Norwegian consumer law. If you regret buying one of our products, the Cancellation Act is applicable. We want all transactions with us to be as simple as possible for all parts involved.

The Cancellation Act is not applicable if the product has been taken into use. We recommend therefore to take good care of all original packaging until you are certain you want to keep your items. Returned items must be unused and intact. All original labels and tags must also be attached. If the item you are returning originally came packaged, the packaging must also be returned with the item.

We offer free exchanges and returns. Visit this link to register a return og exchange. Around Christmas and New Year’s we are extra flexible when it comes to returns. As long as the product is unused we will always accept and exchanges of sizes or colors. All tags and packaging must be intact and returned with the product.

Shipping and payment
We ship worldwide. As a small Norwegian company, shipping can be expensive. To compromise, we ship internationally once a week on Tuesdays. Delivery time is approximately one week, so if you place an order on a Wednesday shipping might take a while. For international shipments our logistics partner is DHL. If you wish, we can send you a tracking number for your purchase. We offer free shipping on orders above 120 Euro. Shipping cost on orders below 120 Euro is 15 Euro.

Note that for products marked with "Preorder", you will find the estimated delivery date in your order confirmation. If you have ordered both in-stock products and preorder products, we will split the shipment so you receive the in-stock items first.

Additional costs in form of customs and special duties may occur on international shipments.

Payments can be made with Vipps (Norway only), PayPal, credit/debit card or Klarna (Europe only). All transactions are handled by our third party partner, Adyen. Enter the necessary information in the check out and use your chosen payment method to complete the order. You will receive an automatic order confirmation and receipt after you place your order.

The payment will be completed at the time of purchase. This is also the case for products that are not on stock yet. The amount will be registered as reserved until your products are delivered. If you wish to cancel your preordered products, we will refund you in full.

Privacy policy


Respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information is very important to us, and we do so in accordance with EUs privacy regulation (2016/679) from April 27th, 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) and the corresponding Norwegian implementation of the Personal Data Protection Ordinance.

We want you to be are aware that we collect and process your personal data when you are in contact with us.

This happens when:

  • You visit our website
  • You place an order or make a return in our webshop
  • You use our lifetime service
  • You receive newsletters and other relevant emails or text messages

Collecting and using your data in a safe and secure way is our top priorority. Below you can find information about what personal data is collected and how it is used, in addition to your rights when it comes to data processing.

1. Who controlls your data?

Northern Playground is responsible for controlling the data that is collected about you.

2. Why we collect personal information

We collect, process and use personal information about you for different reasons, depending on how you interact with us.

The main reason behind collecting your personal information is always to deliver our services to you as expected, based on the inquiries and agreements made. The collection of data is also important to give you better information, service and support. We also collect relevant data about you to adjust our services, so that they are as relevant and useful for you as possible. If you have given your consent, we also use personal data for marketing purposes.

2.1 Personal data tied to visiting northernplayground.no

When you visit northernplayground.no, your user data is logged. This can happen when you visit or click on content on our website, add an item to your cart or make similar actions on our webiste. In this case we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you download a website.

Cookies that are used to register what you do on our websites contain an ID number that stays on your device between each visit. This ID number makes you anonymous, and still allows us to gather information about what you and others do on our website over time. The information that is collected includes what pages you visit and other activities on the website, in addition to general information about your browser and computer/mobile device and your anonymous IP address.

There are two different reasons we collect this data.

This first is to gather information on how our website is used, so that we can improve your experience, increase functionality and analyse our traffic. We use Google Analytics to collect and store data for this purpose, and we make sure that your data is not shared with others or used for other purposes. Without this information, creating a website that solves our customers problems in an effecient way is very challenging, and the background for the collection and use of this data is therefore a legitimate interest.

The second reason is to show you personalised and custom marketing, including product ads in other channels and websites, like social media, outside of northernplayground.no. To achieve this we let advertising networks like Facebook and Google connect information about your use of the website to their cookies and ID numbers. This allows them to connect information from many different websites, ensuring that we can show you relevant ads in other areas of the Internet, and so that they can enrich the interest profile they have on your user so that you generally receive better customised ads from other brands as well. The background for this processing is your active consent, that you give when accepting marketing cookies or clicking "allow all" on our cookie banner.

On our cookie overview you can see a full overview with more details about which cookies are used on northernplayground.no. You can also change or withdraw your consent to our use of cookies.

2.2 Personal data tied to purchases and returns in the webshop

To complete a purchase and/or return goods on our website, we need your name, address, phone number and email. This is necesssary to register your order, send it to the correct address, keep you updated on its whereabouts and contact you if necessary with information about your order. The reason for processing this data is our duty to fulfill the agreement with you, in addition to juridicial duties tied to accounting, etc.

As mentioned under paragraph 2.1, cookies are used during visits to northernplayground.no. Information about what you purchase on our website is also connected to cookies, but other information about you like your name, email, etc. is not. See paragraph 2.1 for more information.

We use the e-commerce platform Centra to accept your order on northernplayground.no.

We use Posten to deliver items from our warehouse to you. For international shipments we use DHL. We are required to store order information connected to accounting and potential returns for five years, in accordance to the Norwegian Accounting Act.

For a detailed description of how Posten treats personal data, read their privacy policy here. For a detailed description of how DHL treats personal data, read their privacy policy here.

To offer you the payment method Klarna, we must share certain information about you with Klarna.

This only happens if you choose Klarna as your payment method. Klarna uses your data to determine whether or not you are qualified to use their payment methods. The data that is used is your name, address, email, telephone number, and potential payment history and payment order information like payment method, delivery type, order details, etc.

The use of this data is regulated in compliance with current personal data acts and Klarnas privacy policy that can be read here.

2.3 Personal data tied to Community

When you sign up for our Community, you agree to receiving relevant emails, and you agree to your data being stored and used.

We register and store your name, area code, year of birth and email address.

Mentioned under paragraph 2.1, cookies are used when visiting northernplayground.no. Information about your user profile and if you are logged in or not are in some cases connected to cookies, but personal information like name, phone number and email address are not. See paragraph 2.1 for more information.

We use your email address to send you information about product development, news and other discussions we think you would like to be a part of. Your email is stored with us until you unsubscribe from our Community or choose that you do not want to receive emails from us.

We also send you emails connected to new posts and/or replies to your comments. If you don't want to receive emails tied to the discussion, you can change your preferances here.

When you open a newsletter or click on a link in an email, this is registered in our systems so that we can track how many people receive and react to our emails.

The information we have collected about you can be used to segment our emails, so that we can give you relevant and customised marketing. The same goes for data tied to your order history.

If you have agreed to it, we share an encrypted version of your email address with ad networks like Google and Facebook. They can connect this information with the personal profile they have made for you, so that we have the opportunity to target relevant ads later, or potentially exclude you from campaigns for products you have already purchased.

2.4 Personal data tied to email enquiries

To deal with incoming email inquiries, we store your name, email address and previous email history. The background for processing this data is legitimate interest. We have made the assessment that it is necessary for us to be able to help you with, and the information is stored as a part of your customer relation to us.

The information mentioned above is saved in our email system. Only certain representatives at Northern Playground have access to the information that is stored, and they have access to handle the inquiry. Email inquiries are deleted after a certain amount of time, as long as they are no longer relevant.

Telephone inquiries that do not need follow-up by email will not be saved, and any notes tied to the phone call will be shredded when the case no longer is relevant.

3. Sharing personal data with third parties

We do not share personal information about you with third parties unless there is legal reason for doing so. A legal reason can in this case be that we need to share necessary data to fulfill agreements and duties we have with you.

3.1 When you visit the website

We use cookies (see paragraph 2.1) to give content and ads a personal touch, to analyse the traffic on our website and to deliver social media functions. Therefore, we share certain information about how you use our website with our social media, advertising and analysation partners. Our partners combine this information with other information you have previously made available to them, or that they have collected through the use of their services.

Third parties we collaborate with include Google, Facebook and Hotjar. See a full list in our cookie overview.

3.2 When you purchase items on northernplayground.no

The third party provider for conducting purchases on northernplayground.no is Adyen. We do not store card information or other details that make it possible for us to share or deduct any amount from your card after placing an order.

4. Background for processing and your rights

Our background for processing your data is one of the following:

  • agreements that have been made
  • consent you have given when you accept cookies on the website, when you register as a user on northernplayground.no, when you sign up for our Community or when you place an order on our website
  • legitimate interest (see paragraph 2.1 and 2.4)

You always have the right to demand insight to what data we have stored about you, and you can request the correction or deletion of stored data.

Your consent to processing personal data based on cookies can be exercised or withdrawn here.

As a registered member of our Community you can visit your account here and change your email preferances. If you want to delete your account that can also be done on the same page.

If you do not wish to make use of these possibilities, or you have other questions, you can contact us at support@northernplayground.no or call us on +47 940 81 626.

All personal data is processed in accordance to personald ata acts and current laws.

If you believe that we are not processing your data in accordance to current laws and regulations, you can send a complaint to support@northernplayground.no or Datatilsynet.

Storing personal data

We store your personal data as long as it is necessary for us to fulfil the duties and agreements with have with you.

Information that we are obliged to store for accounting reasons for a mininmum of five years will be deleted when the time period is up.

Data security

We secure personal data with both physical and virtual Vi sikrer personopplysninger ved både fysisk og virtuell access control.

Contact information

Inquiries about what information is registered, correction and deletion can be sent in writing to the following address:

Northern Playground AS

Youngstorget 2b

0181 Oslo


Org nr 914037271

Telephone: 940 81 626

Email: support@northernplayground.no

Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to the privacy policy. Any changes will be published on this page. There is a date at the top of the privacy policy that marks when it was last changed. If there are any important changes, or changes that require your consent, you will be contated by email, or we will publish information on our website.

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