The Last "contract"

Oslo, May 2022

After ordering The Last, an deal is made between you and Northern Playground AS.

The jist of it is that you are offered the jacket and pants from "The Last project" for a very low price, as long as you agree to test the products and contribute to further development of the garments.

The goal of the project and collaboration is to develop a concept within functional outerwear that can be worn in any situation, and preferably be passed down throughout generations. Another goal of ours is to say f*ck you to the clothing industry and help the people around us realise that the world can be a better place if we just stop buying new clothes all the time.

Your commitments

  • Give us detailed feedback
  • Use NPs platform for feedback (don't send feedback directly to employees)
  • Tell others about the project and see how they react to the concept and goal
  • Be patient – this is a time consuming project and Northern Playground does not want to rush things
  • Embrace the goal – NP can't develop clothes that never wear out. Therefore there must be two parts doing their best to make the garments last as long as possible
  • Give us the thumbs up to send you updates and information about the clothes and the project

Northern Playground's commitments

  • The lifetime service that is described on the product pages does not apply to products in testing. Instead, will repair anything that gets damaged within the first year, but not for life. Later we will take a small fee for repair. Remember that these still are test products and are not yet 100% perfected
  • If the product you receive is unwearable because of its size, we will give you a new product in the right size in the next round of testing, or help you find someone else who wants to trade. If neither of these options work for you we will of course accept a return.


  • The price for Group 4 is 580 Euro for the jacket and 430 Euro for the pants, while the full price is set to be around 850 Euro for the jacket and 750 Euro for the pants. NP wishes to conduct testing without losing money. With a low volume and development costs, the production cost per garment is much higher than "regular" production.
  • You will have the opportunity to buy the finished products for the same price later if you wish

All participants are expected to use the clothing for playing outdoors. We expecially encourage activites that bring out your inner five-year-old.

Thanks and good luck!

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