How close are the garments to being fully developed?
The Last is now fully developed and out of the test phase. The final version (version 5) finally includes own women´s jacket and pants models.

What is the Last Jacket size like?
The Last Jacket has a roomy fit, and your normal size should apply to this product. If you want a tighter product you can size down. You can find a detailed size chart on the product page here.

What are the Last Pants size like?
At first, some people may find these pants too big. This has to do with the fact that you need a slightly roomier pair of pants when they don't contain elastic. We find that most people are happy with the size after they try them on with a belt and shoes. We recommend choosing your regular size and using a belt for the as much flexibility as possible. You can find a detailed size chart on the product page here.

Can I make an exchange/return?
As long as we have your size in stock, making an exchange is no problem. And you can always return the garments if you change your mind. The last thing we want is to force people to keep clothes they can't wear.

Can you alter the garment for me?
We would love to tailor every single product we sell, but unfortunately we don't have the capacity or supplies to do that at this time. Although, most tailors can get the job done, and we advise seeking out one of them to get your garment fitted.

Does you off repairs on The Last?
The Last Jacket includes 2 free repairs, and the Last Pants includes 1 free repair. The products are made with durable materials and in a timeless design. This helps ensure that you can use it for many years, but its lifespan also depends on how you take care of it. If you take good care of your product and repair it when needed, you will be able to enjoy it for a very, very long time. We're here to help with that through Use More +, a service that gives you help on fixing and caring for your product, and one free repair of this product. Read more about Use More + here.

Are the products waterproof?
Ventile is tightly woven cotton that can be exposed to a lot of water before any of it actually seeps inside the garment. The only exception might be hours of pouring rain, but a big part of Ventile's fame is the technology that keeps water out. (It was originally developed for water hoses at fire departments).

Are the products windproof?
Ventile is tightly woven cotton that can be exposed to a lot of wind before you actually feel it on your body. The garments are not completely windproof, but very close.

How well do the garments breathe?
Really well. Try for yourself!

Why should I switch to cotton from GoreTex?
Both cotton and GoreTex have their pros and cons. When developing The Last, we focused on creating a jacket and pants that can be worn in as many situations as possible. We quickly ruled out GoreTex and other fossil fuel materials because of their bad breathability, shiny aesthetic and frankly, because they are bad for the environment.

If you choose GoreTex, you get a wind and waterproof garment that will probably do its job for many years. If you choose Ventile cotton, you get a garment that is as good as wind and waterproof, that will last for many years (with some care and maintenance), that also has great ventilation, that fits pretty much every single situation and activity, and that is made with natural materials. Not to mention, it'll look better and better the longer it's worn. (GoreTex probably won't). Last but not least, cotton is much easier to repair.

We know that people have different prefrences and might not be used to wearing cotton outerwear. But for us, the choice was simple. There is something very balanced about wearing natural materials in nature 😊

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