In 1924, the world's largest light bulb manufacturers joined forces and agreed that light bulbs should have a shorter lifespan. A shorter lifespan would lead to increased sales. This sad 100-year anniversary marks the beginning of planned obsolescence across all industries.

At Northern Playground, we work to turn the clothing industry upside down; encouraging people to use their garments for a long time, extending the lifespan of products, and making repair and maintenance meaningful and straightforward. We call it planned extension.

Turning something upside down is something we consider necessary and fun, whether it's a backflip, a dive, or changing an industry that lags 100 years behind. Isn't it time to buy less and play more?

The Last is outerwear designed and produced with planned extension as its cornerstone. Materials, seams, reinforcements, appearance, and colors are chosen to increase the lifespan of the products and to transcend trends that come and go.Could this be the last outerwear you need to buy? Ambitious? Yes, absolutely, but we must try!

To approach our goal, we have tested and evaluated the garments for over five years together with over 300 people.

The Last is designed to be the only outerwear you need on a northern road trip. Picture setting off without a plan. You might ski, climb, bike, dine out, sail or lounge around in the sun. And picture that you only have room for one jacket and one pair of pants. The Last is designed to fill this need. Join us in challenging the idea of owning different garments for different activities.

Longevity is a key part of everything we do. Amongst other things, we help you with tips, tricks and guidance on caring for and repairing your garment through Use More +. Of course, the garments themselves are also designed to last a long time. For example, exposed areas are reinforced with thicker and more solid material that can withstand more water and wear. The reinforcements are also mounted so that they are relatively easy to switch out if needed.

To reach our goal of creating functional outerwear for any situation, we needed to challenge the misconception that fossil-fuel based fabrics are king. Instead, The Last is made in classic, natural and legendary Ventile cotton. Ventile works well in all kinds of weather, and much of its fame comes from its capability to keep water out. Additionally, the textile is relatively light and has great breathability.



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