The storyWho are we?

So, how did we end up a company who wants you to buy less?

It all started with two sweaty friends and a YouTube sewing tutorial. We didn't think the clothes we had were smart enough, so we made some ourselves and all of a sudden we had a business on our hands. Our small business grew, and along the way we realized that we had become part of a massive problem: The textile industry

The textile industry is the world's next most polluting industry. We realized that we had to make a radical change, and decided to implement som big changes that can really make a difference. Local production, organic wool and environmental tax are a few examples, but the change that means the most in the long run is helping you buy fewer clothes.

Our goal is, in other words, to offer you a smaller, better wardrobe. Use your clothes as long as possible, repair when necessary, buy local, buy quality and buy products that don't go out of style!

Or just go naked 😊

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