In 2022, we decided to create an extraordinary wool sock. As usual, we were (excessively?) ambitious: A pair of socks you'd want to use for almost everything. A sock you'd make sure never would lose its mate. A sock you'd like so much that you'd want to repair it. In other words, we didn't want to make just another wool sock – we wanted to give your feet a best friend.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we contacted two skilled manufacturers who shared our passion for quality. On paper, both manufacturers seemed perfect – so how could we choose between them? After some back and forth in the office, we realized there was no need to make a choice – why not put both to the test?

The result was an order for 100 socks from each manufacturer. The next step was to put together 100 new pairs consisting of one sock from each manufacturer, one marked with "Buy Less" and the other with "Test More". The socks were then sent out into the world and tested by our own customers in various everyday challenges. From mountain hikes to business meetings and everything in between – the socks were put to the test. We even encouraged less washing, and our testers took it seriously. The socks truly experienced the real world.

After months of thorough testing and careful evaluation, it was time to reveal the results. We asked the 200 testers which sock withstood the most and was the most comfortable. And the winner? Although there wasn't 100% agreement among the testers, the "Buy less" sock emerged victorious, while the "Test more" sock fell short. One manufacturer claimed the victory.

Now, this sock is ready to conquer the sock world and provide your feet with the comfort they deserve. Join us on the journey to make everyday life a little more comfortable with a bit smaller number of socks in your wardrobe, one step at a time.

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