Travel philosophy

The company's largest footprint, besides clothing production, is employee travel. This is our travel philosophy.

A. We employees embark on joint adventures twice a year. It never involves flying. We prefer trains or sailboats. That way, we can have fun and create value and memories together along the way. For short trips, we sometimes use cars.

B. We have measured our individual footprints, and travel is the category with the largest footprint. We motivate each other, the board, and investors to take trains instead of planes. Employees are encouraged to take extra days for travel time during vacations and weekends if they switch from flying to taking the train, with an expectation to spend some time engaging in work-related activities en route. (Feel free to read a good and relevant book)

C. We always strive to take trains for work-related travel. Trains are always the choice in Scandinavia, and also to Europe. Here we must admit that there are usually two to three flights a year to fairs or manufacturers. We have no flights outside of Europe.

D. No employees commute to work by car. Everyone uses a bicycle, train, or bus.

Traveling is a great tool for creating joy and good relationships, both personally and professionally. We don't underestimate that. We firmly believe that "slow travel" provides the most joy and the best relationships.

Employees and investors on a sailing adventure aboard the school ship Christian Radich in the fall of 2023.

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