For many years, we have been taught that one should always use shell clothing like Gore-Tex to keep weather and wind at bay. We consider this to be misconceived, not only because it leads to the consumption of more oil-based garments but because there are materials with better breathability, more versatility, and last but not least, easier to repair and maintain.

The Last jacket and pants are made of organic Ventile cotton. But what is Ventile? And what makes this densely woven cotton with long fibers simply better?

Ventile is fantastic in all kinds of weather. The exception might be hours of drizzling rain, but much of Ventile's fame lies in the technology that keeps wind and water at bay. Ventile was originally developed for hoses used by the fire brigade in England.

Ventile cotton has incredible breathability while also protecting you from the wind. During ski touring or other high-intensity activities, you'll notice a significant difference from other outerwear. Unlike, for example, GoreTex, Ventile is also comfortable to wear directly against the skin. Additionally, The Last is designed with all the features required of modern outerwear, including waterproof YKK zippers for extra ventilation under the arms and on the sides of the pants.

With Ventile, you can almost (but only almost) sit by the campfire. 100% cotton can withstand very high heat, and the jacket will, in other words, not melt. Additionally, it is highly unlikely to catch fire due to the tightly woven nature of the material.

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Ventile is known for its patina – it ages gracefully. How the patina develops depends entirely on the usage of the garments. Extensive use, wear, and washing will contribute to making the patina more visible. You can observe this as the most exposed areas become lighter. This effect is something we believe adds even more character to the garment, and you have a story to tell that you can be proud of. The patina also serves as a good indicator of when you should re-impregnate your garments. When the material looks "dry," it's usually time for a round of recommended waterproofing treatment.

Ventile cotton, with its appearance combined with timeless design, lowers the threshold for using the "outdoor jacket" in the city. We see using the same jacket for all your activities as a necessity to reduce clothing consumption. And Ventile cotton plays a crucial role in our approach to timeless design and how we aim to encourage people to use and cherish their clothes for a longer time.

Repairing cotton is much simpler than repairing Gore-Tex shell clothing. The repair itself will also be stronger and last longer. A crucial part of encouraging you to use and cherish your clothes for a longer time is to make repair and maintenance more enjoyable and accessible.

Ventile cotton is repaired with needle and thread (sometimes with patches and a sewing machine), and maintenance tasks such as washing and waterproofing can easily be done at home using a washing machine and iron. Learn more about repair and maintenance under the "Use More+" section below.

It's impossible to find garments that breathe well and are also 100% waterproof. Let the cotton garments take the hit. They are durable and easier to repair. When you're out and about in a drizzle, you can pull out a lighter and more compressible rain jacket from your backpack. You'll see that the rain jacket will also last for many more years.



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