Okay, perhaps “warning” sounds a bit dramatic, but even though this is just a garment (and not a chainsaw), incorrect use of our wool and silk clothing can impact your experience.

How so? Well, the product is made from thin natural materials – wool and silk. It’s designed to be extremely comfortable in all temperatures and activities, and to last a very long time. However, that doesn’t mean it can withstand everything. Thin wool has a downside: it’s not as durable as, say, thin polyester garments. To ensure it actually lasts, you need to be part of "the journey" and treat it a little differently than other clothes. Without care, it might actually have a significantly shorter lifespan.


  • Wash it as infrequently as possible.
  • Remove stains as soon as they occur.
  • Be cautious of sharp edges like belt buckles and watches.
  • Use an apron or bib around tomato sauce, red wine, and bicycle oil.
  • Opt for deodorant without silver or aluminum and let it dry out before you take on your shirt.
  • Watch out for clothes moths (they’re quite common).

Does it sound like you’ve been handed the entire responsibility for the garment, and that we just don't give a F? Honestly, we’ve considered discontinuing wool altogether or making our garments in different thicknesses and blends. But the benefits are so substantial that we’re not doing that. Every day, we hear from customers who use a wool and silk garment for years, wearing it during all their activities without needing constant washing (the record is 589 days without washing). Not only does it change their habits, but it also reduces their need for more clothes. That's just too cool to give up our wool and silk products.

Now you might wonder what we mean by “designed to last,” especially when it’s thin wool that’s less durable than other materials. Here’s what it entails:

  • Reinforcing with silk and strong seams.
  • Emphasize comfort that makes you want to use the garment a lot.
  • Ignoring trend colors and focusing on timelessness.
  • Keeping a classic design without flashy logos.
  • Providing one free repair and maintenance assistance.
  • Sewing in extra thread so you can repair it yourself in minutes (applies to productions from 2024 onwards).

All this costs us directly or indirectly quite a bit of money, but it's time for companies to take more responsibility for their products even after they are sold. We do what we can, but you also determine how long this product can live.

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