Of course, Northern Playground doesn't launch collections with the season's hottest colors. That's something "the others" can do.

You may have heard of planned obsolescence? It's a concept most commonly associated with technology. For example, Apple and Samsung have been sued in several countries for making phones that stop working after a while. What you may not have considered is that the textile industry is built on the same principle. It's so widespread that we don't even think about it.

Why do you think most brands have collections for each season? Or worse yet, why do you think Zara and H&M change collections weekly? It's to get you to buy new clothes. All the time. Meanwhile, the shirt you bought last year, this summer, or last month becomes outdated. At least that's what the whole industry is trying to make you believe. Consequently, the textile industry has introduced planned obsolescence to such an extent that we neither reflect on it nor get annoyed by it.

But think about it for 10 seconds. Isn't it crazy that we think it's okay? The result is that the textile industry accounts for approximately 10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Each Norwegian throws away an average of about 23 kilos of clothes every year and buys about 1 new garment per week.

Fortunately, it's not impossible to do something about all this. It just requires us not to accept this brainwashing. Instead, buy quality and spend money on repairs so you can use your clothes for a long time.

So don't worry. We won't be coming out with "SPRING / SUMMER 2024" or "SUMMER SALE". Of course, we will also introduce new products and colors, but our design philosophy is to develop garments that do not go out of style or follow trends, which are designed for durability and repairability. We call it planned extension. So feel free to buy a shirt from us (or from others who make quality products) and use it until it's completely worn out! Or wait to buy until you need a new shirt. Just stay away from cheap junk and gimmicks that you use three times.

Have a great winte... no, wait! Have a great year!

From all of us at Northern Playground

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