Do we need a fall collection?

Nope! Of course Northern Playground doesn’t launch a fall collection with all the "correct" colours of the year. We leave that to the dinosaurs out there.

Why not?
Have you heard of the concept planned obsolescence? People normally link this concept to technology. Apple and Samsung have for example been convicted for making phones that are designed to stop working after some time. But what you may not have realized is that the textile industry is founded on this principle.

Why do you think most brands have collections for every season? Or worse, why do you think Zara and H&M change their collection every week? They do it so you buy more clothing. All the time. Simultaneously, the shirt you bought last year, this summer, or last month, is now “outdated”. Or that is what the industry wants you to believe at least. The textile industry has hence managed to implement planned obsolescence to such a degree that we don’t reflect on it.

But think about it for 10 seconds. How sick isn’t it that we accept this? The result is that the textile industry contribute to 10% of greenhouse gases. Every Norwegian throughs out 23 kilos of clothing every year and buys about 1 garment every week.

Luckily, it is not impossible to change all this. We simply have to stop being brainwashed and buy quality that we can repair instead.

So, no worries, we are NOT launching any fall colours or sending out tempting fall promotions. We will of course launch new colours, but our design philosophy is to develop garments that don’t have a best before date. So, feel free to buy a shirt from us (or anybody else who truly care about lasting quality) and use it until it is completely worn out. Or wait to buy until you need it. At least, stay away from the cheap junk that you end up using three times.

Enjoy the fall!

Team Northern Playground

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