Why local production?

With time, local production has become a central part of our business, and each year we put more and more energy into our project in Tøyen in Oslo. There are many reasons why local production is so important.

In short: Our passion for local production doesn't come from wanting to support Oslo or Norway. Our passion for local production comes from wanting to support the world.

1. Environment: Local production give us tons of opportunities when it comes to sustainability: Fewer traveled miles, implementation of circular economy through reparation, and less over-production of products we don't need. These are just a few of local production's many positive effects.

2. Proximity to the customer makes good quality: A manufacturer who sells products to their neighbor cares about the product they make. They don't put toxins in the product they sell or the river where they live. Local production gives us better quality, which is good for both people and the environment.

3. Distribution of power and capital: When we purchase a product from China, it is most likely manufactured in a factory with thousands of laborers making extremely low wages, where the only one profiting from the product is the owner of the factory. With local production, we support many small businesses that are owned by many "small" people. This way we spread power and capital throughout the population, instead of placing it with just a few people.

4. Innovation: It's the small (local) companies that most often create innovation and come up with solutions to problems in society. A big company will be concerned with protecting their current revenues by nature, and will therefore have issues with change.

5. Better selection: Many small local producers give us consumers a better and bigger variety of products. We all like that.

6. Fewer intermediaries: With local production one can easily sell a product directly to the customer. This means that the producer is left with a bigger (and fairer) portion of the cake. This also means that the producer can focus on quality without being pressured on price.

7. Transparency: Local production makes it easier for the customer and others to gain insight into production conditions. A producer that has a customer looking over it's shoulder doesn't take shortcuts!

8. Crisis management and preparedness: With dynamic and vibrant production environments, we can act quickly and adapt when a crisis occurs. If the production of essential equipment is localized with few large manufacturers on the other side of the world, we become very vulnerable. This is something many people have experienced this spring. In other words, local production makes used better prepared.

To put it simply, we are just as concerned with the small cheese producer in Bordueax, France, as the cheese producer in Toten, Norway. The point isn't what passport they have. The point is that they are local and can make fantastic products.

Our passion for local production doesn't come from wanting to support Oslo or Norway. Our passion for local production comes from wanting to support the world!

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