Zipper tips

Below are some tips and tricks for keeping your zippers functional, and what to do if they are not working as they should.

Dressing/undressing with zippers
Make sure that the zipper is fully opened when putting on or taking off a garment. If the zipper is not fully opened, its functionality may be damaged.

Laundry day
Make sure all zippers are completely zipped up before machine washing. If the zippers are not completely closed they may hook onto other garments in the machine and damage them or itself.

If your zipper is hard to pull
Is your slider hard or rough to pull on? In that case, do not use force – this may cause more damage. Instead, apply paraffin or wax to the front and back of the zipper. Move the slider up and down slowly until smooth.

If fabric gets caught in your zipper
If a piece of the nearby fabric is caught in the teeth of the zipper or in the slider itself, do not use force – this may cause more damage. Instead, slowly move the slider while pulling the fabric out of the zipper area.

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