Okay. Let’s just tell it like it is: We've messed up.

We have a business model based on not producing a single garment more than the world needs, but suddenly, we find ourselves with an excessively large inventory of Zipwear™ that we can't afford to hold onto. Despite the garments selling well and being a crucial part of the company's identity, the choice now boils down to two evils: either incurring the cost of keeping the items in stock for several years while scaling down operations, or breaking our own principles about reduced pricing.

We now make the choice to go for option two.

It’s not cool to break our own principles, and we hope it’s the last time. We absolutely believe that a 30% price reduction on some items is 100% off-brand. But we simply have to live with that.

The price reduction applies only to Zipwear™ and as long as stocks last. We hope that you or your loved ones enjoy Ziplongs®, Zipbra™, or Zipbody™ with a little less impact on your wallet. Remember, at the same time, to only purchase products that you will use for many years.⁠

If you have questions, please contact customer service at support@northernplayground.no

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