On 15th November, the Zipwear-collection was awarded the prestigious Norwegian Design Award.

The award is handed out by the organisation "Design & Architecture Norway" and is meant to "recognise Norwegian businesses (...) that excel through outstanding use of design and/or architecture", according to their website.


See our presentation (in Norwegian):

What's the opinion of the jury?

"We think this is a cool solution to a problem you don't know you have until you encounter it. The design isn't groundbreaking, even though the zipper is a cool detail, but it's the high functionality of the products that make them feel "new" and innovative.

The fact that they have thought conceptually all along and have developed a full product-series under their own brand name is smart, and we have no reason to doubt the very positive feedback from testers and users. Zipwear has, in our opinion, every needed prerequisite to succeed in a competitive market."

What's the boss' take on it all?

"This is not the first award we win, but probably the most difficult to win. You really have to stand out among applicants from all fields within design and architecture.

It is also very inspiring to receive it for the entire concept of Zipwear. Most people think of us as the “Ziplongs company”, and not everybody has discovered the full range and the great benefits of the other products in the collection. We are creating a new category that we call Zipwear and this award clearly shows that we are on a good path."

- Jo Egil Tobiassen



Developing new stuff is demanding. Trial and error is what counts, and we've done plenty of both developing todays Ziplongs


All manufacturers know that a product has an impact on the environment. We must realize that we are affecting the environment in our production of Zipwear, just as you must realize that you as a consumer have an impact in the same way.

We are taking action to minimize our environmental impact.

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