We at Northern Playground do our best to integrate solutions that do as little damage as possible on our environment. As a producer we are determined to minimize our carbon footprint throughout our entire value chain.

Every day 22 000 tons of plastic are poured into the ocean. Over time, the plastic is broken down to smaller fragments popularly called microplastics (smaller than 5mm). These small particles are destroying the marine life, as the animals often mistake microplastics for food. This gets passed all the way back up the food chain to us – the consumers.

Synthetic fabrics account for between 20% and 35% of the microplastics in the oceans. The tiny synthetic fibres released from your clothing while being washed are too small for the filter in your washing machine. A single clothing garment can release up to 1900 microplastic fibres during one wash.

Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to stop washing your clothes to minimize the amount of plastic fibres released into whatever oceans near you. Guppyfriend is a laundry bag that catches 99% of the fibres released from your clothing. Developed by Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies, two ambitious surfers from Berlin, Guppyrfriend preserves your clothes and is a really simple way to reduce your impact on marine life.

We don’t make any profit selling Guppyfriend, we just think they are really cool.
The producers of GUPPYFRIEND reinvest all profit from sales into the battle against the microwaste problem.

”We cannot ignore the fact that synthetic textiles are damaging our environment. Northern Playground, as producers have to acknowledge that we are contributing to pollution. However, just like other producers we need to sell our products to profit. What makes it even more difficult is that fleece has many good attributions. Fleece has much lower Co2 pollution than for example merino wool.

Finding an alternative solution is not easy, but we are dependent to find one. Meanwhile, using Guppyfriend laundry bag is an great option.”

Founder & CEO Northern Playground, Jo Egil Tobiassen

Guppyfriend vaskepose reduserer mikroplast utslipp

How to use Guppyfriend

1. Place the garments in the bag, make sure the bag is no more than half full.
2. Close the bag and wash as usual.
3. After washing, take out the wet garments.
4. Remove the residues of microfiber that accumulate in the bag and throw it in the plastic waste.



Other actions?

- Keep the garments dry and remove stains rather than washing the whole garment.
- Fleece base layers do not need to be washed frequently,  you can air the garment after use. 

If you have decided to wash:
- Use gentle settings on your washing machine.
- Aquire high quality synthetic garments, they will last longer.

Want to know more?

See the film below. You can also find more information on Langbrett own homepage.


Alle som konsumerer, og alle som produserer, vet at et produkt har en miljøeffekt. Det er vi i Northern Playground også klar over.
Vi - som alle andre produsenter - må innse at vi påvirker miljøet gjennom produksjon. Akkurat som du må innse at du som konsument påvirker på samme måten.

Vi har gjort en rekke tiltak for å minske vårt miljøavtrykk.

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