We need your help.

We've had a product idea for a while that is an obvious match for our innovative Zipwear™ collection. We already have the Zipbody™ and the Zipbra™ that help you get dry on your upper body. Now we're ready for another variation - this time without the zipper. Are you?

What do you think?

We believe that a "magic shirt" can make being outdoors a lot more enjoyable. But it's really up to you. Without your interest and excitement, there's really no point in spending time and money designing and developing a product that is so different than everything else. We only want to make it if we're sure that it will be used and loved by you. So what do you think? Are you interested in a magic shirt? Let us know!

For now we just have to decide if we are going to do anything with the idea at all.

Later we will have to figure out the actual technical design. If we start development we will want more feedback. Include your e-mail in the form and we'll keep you updated.

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