Never again a cold and wet butt on a sailboat

Northern Playground is not only a brand for mountaineering and high altitudes, we are now diving head first into the sailing scene as well. The Zipwear™ Collection is a perfect match for the conditions you will encounter at sea: Varying temperatures, humidity and wind. 

Our Zipshorts™ Padded is especially well suited for sailing. It is inspired by our sailing tours to Northern Norway, and is developed in collaboration with professional sailors and SeilNorge.

– In short we wanted a product that provides lots of heat and protection for the butt, as well as being easy to put on and off. Through testing of many different materials and functions, we developed a fleece shorts with padding for the butt that gives both isolation and a soft “seat” to sit on. There are lots of isolation-products on the market, but often they aren´t flexible enough for movement, or they are too difficult to remove when you´re hot. If the goal is to regulate your body-temperature in an effective manner, the product has to be easy to put on and remove. The Zipshorts™ Padded is somewhat magical in this way, says founder and CEO Jo Egil Tobiassen. 


Whether you are a touring-sailor, competitor or want to sail around the world, you are now able to quickly cool off when hot, and easily apply a dry and warm layer when wet and cold. All without removing your pants and boots. Petter Mørland Pedersen, perhaps the best sailor in Norway, has contributed to the development of the product, and uses the product on both long and short trips.

– We launched the Zipshorts™ Padded on in the summer of 2016, and have regularly been sold out ever since. This winter many has praised the Zipshorts™ Padded for its utility in the chairlift and high mountains – but summer is here and the shorts will be in it´s right element on the sea, Tobiassen smiles. 

The Zipshorts™ is made of recycled fleece, while the padding is made of Ariaprene. The latter is a 6mm thick, soft, isolating and water-repellant fabric, all while being environmentally friendly.

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