The idea behind Ziplongs Padded was born on a sea crossing from France to Norway. Sitting for hours on deck without any form for protection was not an option for the crew. The solution was to cut packing foam into “butt shapes” and insert them into the pants. That worked ok as long as they were sitting still, but as soon as moving around was demanded, it was useless. What if the padding could be flexible and incorporated into the clothing?

Buy Ziplongs™ Padded and more for the voyage:




Skiing and snowboarding


All-year-round insulation

The main fabric of Ziplongs Padded is recycled fleece, whereas the padding itself is made of Ariaprene. The latter is a 4mm thick material that is soft, insulates, water repellant and at the same time environmental friendly in production. The padding is loose and can be removed in seconds.


ZIPOFF Padded fleece longs

Whatever type of sailor you are, Ziplongs will solve some essential problems:

- Add an extra layer without the need to take of your shoes and pants
- Avoid getting wet butt and knees
- Avoid uncomratable situation when sitting or putting your knees on deck.
The Ziplongs Padded is developed together with professional Norwegian sailors.


Ziplongs Padded Dame

Our thighs, groin and but is an important source for heat loss. Use the Ziplongs Padded as an additional layer when it is extra cold. Using it for resort based ski and snowboard riding is especially efficient. Instead of having only a layer or two of fabric between the but and the lift, the padding provides 4mm of firm insulated pleasure. If using the longs in a situation where sitting is rare, removing the padding is a good option. Putting the padding back in provides the perfect camp wear.


All manufacturers know that a product has an impact on the environment. We must realize that we are affecting the environment in our production of Zipwear, just as you must realize that you as a consumer have an impact in the same way.

We are taking action to minimize our environmental impact.


Developing new stuff is demanding. Trial and error is what counts, and we've done plenty of both developing todays Ziplongs

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