Give your washing machine a break

Your clothes will last longer, you'll save on electricity and water and you will help protect the environment from pollution.

What about the smell?

Our founder Jo gave it a test. Here is his report:

The past few months I've been working on a little experiment. This winter I decided to wear one of our tank tops as much as I could without washing it. The tank top was the best product for the test because it can be used pretty much every day as a base layer, whether I'm wearing a button down shirt or I'm out in the woods. I've worn it while working out, partying, skiing and of course at the office. Now I've used it for over 100 days without washing it.

The obvious question: what does it smell like now?

I know that wool is self-cleaning, but I am a sweaty guy and I was sure that 100 day old "Jo sweat" would kill pretty much anything. I was especially pessimistic after a night out when all my clothes smelled strongly of tobacco. I hung them out to air and figured that my experiment had come to an end. My jeans and shirt still smelled like tobacco the next day, but the tank top was as good as new. Awesome.

To be certain that there wasn't something completely wrong with my nose, I did a blind test at the office. My colleague's answers were unanimous: the tank top didn't smell like anything at all.

So my point is: as long as your clothes aren't visibly dirty, you're not gaining anything by washing wool products of good quality. Save your clothes and the environment by washing less!

Pack light this fall

Our collection in organic wool and silk is designed for all activities. Now that fall is here, test it out on the water, in the mountains or on a business trip. I promise, packing clothes in wool and silk will let you pack half of what you usually do. Give it a test: how long can you go without washing your wool and silk? Let me know how it goes!

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