Some products are only sold in our online store.

Most of the products Northern Playground sells are also sold in stores throughout the world. Certain products we only sell here. Why? Because it contributes to:

  • - Production of environment-friendly products,
  • - made with high quality,
  • - sold at lower prices. 

Some essential parts of our company are that our clothes are made in Europe, we use environmentally friendly materials and high quality is a running theme throughout the entire process. This comes with a price. Our challenge is making money when the cost of production is as high as it is. If we sell a product through a store, we end up with less ourselves than if we sold the same product directly through our online store. This means that we either have to raise the prices, or figure out something clever.

That's why we keep certain products to ourselves. It makes producing our products with the values and quality that is important to us possible without raising the prices.

  • Sustainability
  • High quality
  • Environment-friendly materials
  • Fair wages
  • Lower prices
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Made in Europe
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