Beanie wool (unisex)

The perfect beanie when active: High breathability, dries fast, insulates when wet and super durable.


Free returns within 30 days ✉️

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Beanie wool (unisex)

The perfect beanie when active: High breathability, dries fast, insulates when wet and super durable.


Free returns within 30 days ✉️

The perfect beanie for use in the city, on the mountains or beneath your helmet. 

  • Light wool that breathes well and insulates when wet
  • Wool & polyester mix for durability and faster drying
  • Manufactured in Europe with mulesing-free merino wool


Only you know the size of your head. If the product doesn’t fit we’re always happy to exchange your product to make sure you get a good match.

Made in Europe: We manufacture our products in Lithuania. We do this to ensure proximity and quality, as well as to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to this every component of our wool products are from European manufactures. (Except the raw wool that is imported from New Zealand and Australia) European production is not cheap, but you’ll get a product with less logged travel miles and long durability. Please wear until worn out.

Fabric: Merino wool from Lithuanian Utenos,  200 gr/M, 73% wool mixed with polyester and elastane for better durability and wicking capabilities. Wool micron: 18,5. Product weight: 50g (size L/XL)

  • Beneath your helmet when skiing
  • As your beanie of choice when active, whether skitouring or when crossing mountain-ranges
  • In the city
  • On your way to the office

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

The beanie is designed to be worn like shown in the photos, or with a brim for a more snug fit. Something for every taste.

How to wash and care for your wool garments

Always make sure to bring at least two hats/beanies when in the outdoors – one warm and dry for use when taking a break og during low activity levels, and one when active to break the wind and keep you warm. The latter almost always gets wet from sweat and the elements, and should therefore be made of wool in order to insulate well even when wet.

This beanie is perfect for both uses, but the light wool & polyester mix makes it shine when used as active-wear. It dries fast, is durable, warms when wet and is odor-repellent.

Our philosophy: If you for any reason are unhappy with one of our products, contact us, and we will give you the service you deserve. No one should be unhappy!

Wether you have received the package or just placed an order you regret, shoot us an e-mail at and tell us that you regret your purchase or want to delete the order. The same procedure applies if you ordered the wrong size, we’re more than happy to exchange the product for you. For you own sake it can be wise to keep the e-mail conversation regarding the procedure for at least 14 days. All returns are free of charge. Read more…

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